Oak and Park

Oak and Park is a new, fun, creative fashion company. We believe in family, friends and having fun! 


~The Dunford family was raised in a suburb of Chicago, and grew up in a house on the corner of Oak Street and Park Boulevard.  The family had many wonderful times at that house and so the Oak and Park name was born. 



~Oak and Park is a women owned company and we are proud supporters of many diverse organizations.  We are sisters, mothers, grandmothers, wives, aunts, athletes, animal lovers, business owners, artists and travelers.  We understand the needs of everyday life and we are trying to make life easier and more fun!

~Oak and Park tries to be as Environmentally Friendly as possible. Taking care of our planet is important for our generation well as the future generations!


~Oak and Park is a supporter of many animal rescue groups and we hope to share our love of animals with others. Please always consider animal adoption as your first choice when looking to add a family member.  www.petfinder.com 

~Oak and Park is also involved in several Women's Empowerment organizations.  From networking to charity, we believe in helping others and giving back to our community!