About us

Oak and Park® was created by the Dunford sisters.  We are 4 sisters, with awesome parents, and we grew up in a house on the corner of Oak Street and Park Avenue in a suburb of Chicago, IL.  We had such fun, silly and creative memories there as a family, so the name of the company to be Oak and Park just makes sense!  Our house was known as The Dunford Sisters House! 

Oak and Park® currently designs and sells accessories...with plans for more in the future!  

Oak and Park® Arm Bags are our current hot item!  They are super fun, functional and affordable!  

We have used these bags while traveling, going to sporting events and games, running into yoga class or going to the gym, chasing our kids at the park, going to amusement parks, walking our dogs, going out to concerts and art or music festivals and everyday errands like running into the grocery store - because they are a great size for essential items!  Hands free life!  

Arm Bags fit your phone, ID, keys, money, credit cards, lip gloss, sunglasses, epi pen, tampon, dog poop bags and dog treats!  Masks too!  ;)

Contact us today!  We will try to get back to you as soon as we can...we are running this business, in addition to being mothers, wives, sisters, caretakers and home CEO's as well!