What are Arm Bags?

  • Arm Bags are useful little bags to carry your essentials on your arm and allow you to be hands free to enjoy your activities on the go!  

What are the materials that the Arm Bags are made out of?

  • We make Arm Bags out of a lot of different materials (cotton, nylon, coated canvas, mesh, clear vinyl, elastic straps, plastic and metal zippers).

How do I clean the Arm Bags?

  • We recommend to hand wash and air dry the Arm Bags - as they may shrink or change shape in the washer and dryer.  

How long do the Arm Bags last?

  • Our Arm Bags will last depending on frequency of use - the elastic is one size fits most arms/wrists.  

What sizes do the Arm Bags come in?

  • We currently make 3 different sizes of Arm Bags - Small, Medium and Large  -Our Large size Arm Bag is our biggest seller since they fit MOST cell phones with phone cases as well as other essentials.  

Can I customize the Arm Bags?

  • Yes!  We can do customization for Arm Bags -the process can vary depending on requests, quantity and manufacturers so please take that into consideration when ordering custom Arm Bags -please contact us to learn more! 

Where do you sell Arm Bags? 

  • We sell Arm Bags here on our website, in addition to several stores and resorts - Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, FL, Club Med Charlevoix in Quebec, Canada and Club Med La Caravelle on the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. 

What does Oak and Park mean?

  • Oak and Park® is the name of the corner of the streets that we grew up on!   

Who owns Oak and Park®?

  • We are owned by a Mompreneur who created the Oak and Park® brand with her 3 sisters (with caring support of her husband, daughter and parents too).  We are proud to be a woman owned brand!
Where and How can I wear the Arm Bags?
  • Oak and Park® Arm Bags can be worn anywhere on your arm or wrist area that is comfortable and can be worn anywhere you are going!  They are great for sporting events and may pass the bag size restrictions for many large sporting events!  For concerts and festivals, the clear Arm Bags are perfect for getting through the bag checks quickly!  Arm Bags are also great for walking or running...especially your dogs!  They are useful for biking, hiking, rollerblading, skateboarding, boating, traveling, site-seeing, cruises, and all inclusive resorts!  
  • Please check out our social media for tons of fun and cute pics of our customers wearing the Arm Bags! www.instagram.com/oakandpark and www.facebook.com/oakandpark and www.tiktok.com/oakandpark

Are the Arm Bags waterproof?

  • No, all Oak and Park® Arm Bags are NOT waterproof - please do not swim with your essentials in your Arm Bag as they will get wet.  

Can I wear my Arm Bag into sporting events and concerts?

  • Please check with each sporting event or concert to follow their specific guidelines and bag size requirements - they can vary per event - we do not guarantee that the Arm Bags will be allowed inside each event.  

Can I return my Arm Bag?

  • Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your Arm Bag - we have been cautious to accept returns currently due to Covid precautions.

Are the Arm Bags American made? 

  • Yes!  All of our Arm Bags are American made! 

What charities does Oak and Park support?

  • We love to give back and we especially love to share our love of animal rescues!  We have donated to the Humane Society of Atlanta and Humane Society of the United States, as well as Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (where we have fostered and rescued our dogs from). 

Is Oak and Park a Registered Trademark Brand Name? 

  • Yes!  Oak and Park® is an Official Registered Trademark Brand...so please do not use our name...and please contact us if you see our name being used elsewhere!  

Thanks for your support of Oak and Park®!  We hope you enjoy our products and have fun while using them! 

-Oak and Park Arm Bags with the Club Med logo on them for sale at Club Med Sandpiper Bay Boutique, Port St. Lucie, FL.

-Arm Bags can be worn anywhere on your arm that is comfortable for you!

-Arm Bags are great while walking your dogs!

-Arm Bags are great for traveling!  (Club Med Resort - Turks and Caicos)

Arm Bags are perfect to wear anytime - going out to lunch, networking events, conferences...anywhere!